Surfers Paradise Alliance - Who we are

Surfers Paradise Alliance is the official marketing authority for Surfers Paradise.

The organisation's goals are to:

  1. Market and manage Surfers Paradise.
  2. Increase visitation to Surfers Paradise for the economic benefit of the Surfers Paradise traders and businesses.
  3. Enhance visitor experiences in Surfers Paradise.

In summary, Surfers Paradise Alliance takes an interest in everything relating to the precinct:

  1. Promote Surfers Paradise via marketing, PR and event initiatives.
  2. Stage events and entertainment in collaboration with event partners and Gold Coast City Council.
  3. Source and manage cross promotional and event sponsorship opportunities.
  4. Conduct market research on Surfers Paradise.
  5. Liaise and work with local traders and businesses in relation to their objectives.
  6. Manage and operate the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets.

Surfers Paradise Alliance Vision

Surfers Paradise Alliance is proud to show Leadership within Surfers Paradise. Hallmarked by innovation and a dynamic approach, our organisation provides unity to the precinct across place making, marketing and event strategies. Our direction for Surfers Paradise stems from a passion to rejuvenate and re-align the iconic heart of the city for the 21st century.

Surfers Paradise Alliance is a Future-Focused organisation. Each day we work to inspire and engage others with the bold vision we've laid out for Surfers Paradise. Operationally, our focus on sustainable outcomes manifests as a drive for continual improvement. Surfers Paradise Alliance strives always to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future as a more efficient, more responsive unit.

Surfers Paradise Alliance strives, on numerous levels, to Connect the Community. As a community organisation, we foster this connection through our accessibility to stakeholders and a service-driven approach. We recognise that engagement with our partners provides a broader base of skills, ideas and experience, as well as
improved outcomes and opportunities for greater strategic alignment.

Surfers Paradise Alliance acts to Energise Surfers Paradise through a calendar of events tailored to show off the best the precinct has to offer. Our team create, plan and stage community events that
attract people and attention to Surfers Paradise. Our goal is to excite our visitors and make Surfers Paradise an exciting place.

For a copy of the Surfers Paradise Alliance Vision, please contact Surfers Paradise Alliance.