Visit the New Surfers Paradise

The emerald waves curling onto the gold sand sends an echo tumbling through Cavill Mall, as it showers the precinct with the smell of salt and summer. 

If you can't hear the liquid percussion of the waves, you'll be listening to a live music act down on the Foreshore, or the animated chatter spilling out from the open arena of bars and restaurants, which by nightfall casts a twinkling ambiance of wine glasses and lights over the strip. 

Salt is in the air as well on the plate, with a huge range of seafood and modern Australian specialty restaurants lining The Esplanade, which capture the seaside essence of a food lover's paradise. 

Arguably Queensland's most vibrant city, this precinct is also home to a myriad of music, sports and cultural events in every season of the year. After nearly a century of enamoured tourists and loyal locals, it's clear Surfers Paradise is a city for the senses that only gets better with age.

Seeing Surfers Paradise in a new light

Since its inception in 1933, Surfers Paradise has been evolving and the last couple of years are no exception. This iconic city is looking better than ever, taking the Foreshore upgrades and Gold Coast Light Rail in its stride with an invigorated confidence.

Holiday goers, residents and Gold Coast's homegrown can now access the centre of Surfers Paradise quicker and more conveniently than ever before with the Light Rail, from the edges of Southport or the busy streets of Broadbeach. This unique transport system is designed especially for Gold Coast visitors and locals, following a coastal route from Broadbeach to Main Beach, before peeling off towards the business district, Southport.

The circuit of 14 trams leaves one of the 16 stations approximately every seven and ten minutes during the day on weekdays and weekends respectively, with trams continuing all night on the weekends to take diners and nightlife revelers home safely.

The G:link system incorporates the quiet convenience of Melbourne's trams with the speed and low-cost of Sydney's inner-city trains, reflecting the Gold Coast's growing population and developing cultural identity that demands a quicker way to explore. 

As the route's central district, Surfers Paradise was heavily impacted by construction and traffic disturbance throughout the project. Hence it was with the great pleasure of locals, traders and tourists that the project's completion brought with it a completely new energy. 

Along with the dramatic decrease in noise, the precinct is now visually revitalised, with Surfers Paradise Boulevard newly liberated from concrete barriers and hard hats. Recently re-opened Cavill Avenue is streaming with new life and friendly faces enjoying the city's fresh look.

In late September, the Light Rail carried its onemillionth passenger, a fantastic achievement for a transport system that was less than two months old.

As recognition for its successful integrationinto a highly occupied environment with maximum sustainability achieved, the Light Rail project was recently awarded the ISCA Infrastructure Sustainability Project Award through McConnell Dowell.

The success of this project is reflected in the precinct's revived urban vibe and its growing population of tourists from all around the world, which changes as frequently as the ocean tides. This is the same Surfers Paradise as it has always been, only better.

Forward-thinking Foreshore

The $25 million Foreshore upgrade in Surfers Paradise was completed in 2011 and was met with equal satisfaction by the city. 

While the Light Rail has reconnected the heart of the city with its urban counterparts, the Foreshore redevelopment was first to interlace Surfers Paradise's street life vivacity with the gentle vibe of its sand dunes.

Surfers Paradise is matchless in terms of brickmeets- beach, which turns high-end shoppers and suit-clad businessmen into beach goers within minutes. 

The upgrade completely opened up the Foreshore area with safer crossing facilities and better footpaths and beach access. The number of public barbeque and picnic areas serves as a testament to an outdoor-loving city, areas that are shaded by stunning Pandanus trees and clean garden features that further articulate the theme of urban living in a natural paradise. 

Clear vision for a clean city

The distinct and connective design of Surfers Paradise is harmonious with the City of Gold Coast Council's Bold Future Vision for the city that was launched in 2009. 

The key element of the project sees Surfers Paradise selected as the true heart of the Gold Coast, and is based on themes that address leading by example, cutting-edge design, safety, interconnectedness and nature.

So far, Surfers Paradise is hitting high notes with each goal, and will continue to do so into the future. The changes that have occurred in the last 30 years in the precinct are a benchmark for the innovative transformation to come, led by a forward-thinking council and an inspiring population. 

But the heart and soul of this city remains steadfast, improving with every pulse.

Now is the perfect time to let the sensory experience of Surfers Paradise envelop you. After all, summer is a song that this city sings so well.

One city, many changes, endless attractions and a whole lot of personality.

Surfers Paradise. The name says it all.

Surfers Paradise, winner of the 2015 TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice™ Awards for Destinations on the Rise.