Fire 4 Hire

Try something different and take a joy ride on a fire truck with Fire 4 Hire. Travel aboard from Surfers Paradise to the Spit via Surfers Paradise, Narrowneck, Main Beach and Sea World. Once at the Spit, guests will be able to experience the operation of a fully functional fire hose, and pose for photographs holding the nozzle and wearing authentic fire helmets!

Fire 4 Hire has a fleet of four fire trucks, each seating up to ten passengers in comfort. Each truck is equipped with a great stereo system and refrigeration for drinks on board, plus a huge amount of luggage storage area.

Services include;

  • Daily tours
  • Hens / Bucks parties
  • School formals
  • Corporate functions and advertising
  • Children's parties
  • Airport / Theme Park / Hotel transfers
  • Special events

Day tours run for 45min to 1 hour.

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