Jet Flight Simulator

Experience a flying lesson in a state of the art flight simulator based on the Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft, flying in and out of your choice of over 22,000 airports all over the world! For just $99, YOU become the Co-Pilot. 

Run by professional pilots, our aim is to provide you with the most authentic air flight experience. It's the closest thing to flying a Commercial Jet Airliner, and it's only at Jet Flight Simulator Surfers Paradise. We make it possible for you to fly!

You may also take 3 passengers on your flight with you for no extra charge! Plus you can purchase a recording of your flight or even a keepsake model plane! 

It's a PERFECT gift idea, buy one today!

CALL 1800 JET FLIGHT (1800 538 354) to book. Bookings are essential.