Padlockd Escape Rooms

Padlock'd Escape Rooms is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives in 60 minutes.

You are locked in a room with your team, 60 minutes is ticking down and you need to escape before it's too late! Find clues, solve puzzles and test your team's every ability! There are 4 themes to choose from:

Pipeline - Your team has been deployed to a top-secret military facility to discover the mystery surrounding the commander. The self destruct sequence initiates, and you have 60 minutes until destruction! 3/5 difficulty

Outpost - Snooping around a secret spy base, the door slams shut behind you, can you escape before the oxygen supply runs out? 3/5 difficulty

Nightfall - Thrown back into your childhood nightmares, you have 60 minutes to escape before you become trapped forever with all the things that haunt you from your past. 4/5 difficulty

Daybreak - Dr Richards has locked you in his secret cabin in the woods. You have been infected with his zombie virus and you have 60 minutes before he returns to find the antidote and escape! 5/5 difficulty


2 people - $42pp

3 people - $40pp

4 people - $38pp

5 people - $36pp

6 people - $34pp

7-8 people - $32pp

Book online to secure a spot to avoid long waits.

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Parking: Parking available at the Bruce Bishop Carpark.