Sling Shot Amusement Ride

Sling Shot – The Sky is No Limit

You know as you take your seat in the Sling Shot this is NO ORDINARY amusement ride…..    Your mind is racing…. Your heart is beating like a drum….  Your throat is dry….

GET READY for you are about to be catapulted vertically at over 160 Kilometers per hour….


Sling Shot Prices:

Sling Shot

  • Ride: $30p/p
  • Extras: USB $20, t-shirt $20
  • Super Saver - single: $55 (1 rider, USB, t-shirt)
  • Super Saver - double: $95 (2 riders, 1 USB per couple, 2 t-shirts)

Participants must be over 110cm tall. No bookings required.

Open 10am to 10pm daily.

FREE onsite parking is provided for customers.

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