Sling Shot and Vomatron Amusement Rides

Sling Shot – The Sky is No Limit

From the moment you take your seat in the Sling Shot, you no it's no ordinary amusement ride. Your mind is racing, your heart is beating like a drum and your through is dry. And for every reason, as you prepare to be catapulted vertically at over 160 kilometres per hour,

If you'd like to try something a little different then the Vomatron will cater to your every desire.

Vomatron – The Ultimate Adrenaline Experience 
The ride the Astronauts FEAR. Powered by two huge electric motors the giant 45m arm rotates forward at great speeds. Unwary passengers will experience the full force of this magnificent machine. Then just when you think it's over you are spun into reverse with the same degree of torture!! You'll reach a velocity of 120km per hour, an altitude of more than 45m, plus acceleration of 4 G's.

Price List Below:

Sling Shot
The prices are as follows:  Ride $30p/p  USB $20 each T-shirt $20 each
Super saver packages (single):  $55  =  1 x ride   1 x or USB   1 x t shirt
Super saver (double/couple): $95 =  1 x ride each 1 x or USB per/couple 1 x t shirt each
Please note, participants must be over 110cm tall

Vomatron Amusement Ride:The prices are as follows:   Ride $20 p/p   USB $15 each   T shirts $15 each
Super Saver Packages (single):  $35  =  1 x  ride   1 x USB   1 x t shirt
Super Saver (double/couple) $55 = 1 x ride each  1 x USB per/couple  1 x t shirt each
Please note, participants must be over 110cm tall

Surfers Paradise Mini Golf:
Adult $12.00
Children $8.00
Senior/Student/Backpacker $10
Family $30 (2 Adults + 2 Children/2 Adults + 1 Child/1 Adult + 3 Children) Extra Children $5

Bungy Trampolines:
The price is $10 for 10 minute
Price is for all ages and from first bounce to 10 minutes.
Must be under 55kg's

*Bookings aren't necessary.

Free onsite parking is provided for Sling Shot and Vomatron Amusement Ride customers.