Number 2

Number 2 exists to support and develop businesses by guiding them through face to face consultation, spending time to discover and understand the uniqueness of a business and partnering with other professionals to realise an organisation's potential.

Their motto is "We are NO.2 and you are NO.1." Whether they are supporting operations, financials, projects or people development, their philosophy is still the same.

Number 2 offer the following business services:

  • Business Incubation A kick start, incubating your dream to become a reality. Business incubation supports the development of your idea to make it a reality, saving you time and money.
  • Your Number 2 Management support with a difference, they don’t just tell, they actually work alongside, supporting you to go to the next step in line with your organisation's goals.
  • Business Accelerator Brings a strategic focus through direct marketing channels, growing your profit by better reaching your current and future clients.
  • Number_2 Bookkeeping Supporting you, in the day to day management of your financials, allowing you more time to work on your business and not in.
  • Number_2 Operational Support Sometimes you just need support in the day to day operations, removing something off your plate or to focus on a special project.
  • Project Heart Beat A fresh set of eyes, looking into your system's back end. This gives
your business a once-over to determine how you generate income, what you invest and whether your organisation is being all it can be with what you have today.
  • Growth track Staff development focused on the individual. The key to growth track is ‘in time learning’ (learning on the go) through their product.

Number 2 is located in The 4217, a business hub and ever-evolving urban space in Surfers Paradise, housing creative businesses as well as quality food, dining and lifestyle offerings.