Brad Holmes Surf Coaching

Come and join the fun for a whole body work out, or a simply relaxing afternoon, gliding through the canals with Brad Holmes Surf Coaching Stand Up Paddling. 

SUP Tai Chi - Exclusive to Brad Holmes Surf Coaching, no one else does this!

SUP Tai Chi is the gentle blending of light, flowing Tai Chi & Qigong exercises that we first learn on the beach at Budds Beach, and then once you are ready, we practice on the SUPs on the Nerang River.

Suitable for age 10 yr+, or little kids can sit on the board with Mum or Dad paddling for them!

Bring swimmers, change of clothes, towel, hat, water bottle, sunglasses etc. All equipment supplied.


1 on 1 $90.00
2 to 3 people $60.00 each
4 to 8 people $35.00 each

All sessions 90 minutes.

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