Inflatable Art

Embark on a new experience with something different to see day or night!

Giant inflatable art installations will take over Surfers Paradise during the Sand Safari Arts Festival. Keep your eyes peeled for our underwater visitors such as jellyfish floating in mid-air, an octopus inhabiting an iconic Surfers Paradise building and our family of squid enjoying the sunshine on our award winning beach.

The creative minds of artists Luke Egan and Pete Hamilton from Designs in Air are behind the genius of these works. Back for a third year, their love for experimenting with shape, form and function brings pizazz to Sand Safari, fusing their colourful inflatable creations with their eye for installation opportunities within the city-scape of Surfers Paradise.


“We love the colourful world of nature and often find ourselves creating inflatables inspired by the creatures of the sea. The  weightlessness of the sculptures brought to life with air, the fluidity and movement of the object in the wind, the exotic curves, contours and colours and the magical luminescence of inflatables lend themselves perfectly to the creation of fantastical inflatable  sea creatures. We also love the concept of our gentle giants taking over streets and buildings and transforming the urban environment into a dreamlike landscape".