Interactive Sand Sculpture

Our interactive sculpture is bigger and better this year, promising to be an immersive experience that gratifies multiple senses!

Working over five days our talented sculptors are collaborating to create the largest sand sculpt in the history of Sand Safari. Sporting sea creatures will come to life in this 70 tonne masterpiece, which takes its inspiration from the second series of our children’s book Henry and Ethan’s Neptune’s Games Adventure.

The sculpt will tell a story of friendship, community spirit, support and compassion - values we feel are important to highlight in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games. This captivating art piece not only features stunning sand art but also includes a number of other art forms that encourage you to smell the salt in the air and listen to the waves crashing behind you to form an overall sensory experience, with something different to see by day and night!

Come and watch this masterpiece unfold from 11th - 16th February. The sculpture will then be open for interaction from 10am - 9pm daily.