Australian Sand Sculpting Championships

Prepare to experience the largest and greatest sand sculpt competition that ever was, The Australian Sand Sculpting Championships (ASSC). Be amazed when 15 world-renowned sculptors, go head-to-head to take out the highly acclaimed title by creating 10-tonne sand sculpts revealing your favourite fairy tale classics. Witness an integral part of the festival happening over an intensifying three days - Friday 14 February to Sunday 16 February, with the official ASSC Award presentation taking place on Sunday 16 February at 5:30pm. During the course of the festival get involved and have your say by collecting a golden coin to vote for your favourite sculpt in the People’s Choice Award, the winner will take home the crown on Saturday 29 February.

Types of Sand

The Sand Sculptors will be using two types of sand - brickies sand or beach sand. Brickies sand is a sharp quarried “fatty” sand and comes in a variety of colours from whites, yellows, oranges through to deep reds depending on the part of Australia that the sand is

ASSC Schedule

Friday 14 & Saturday 15 February 7.30am - 6.30pm
Sunday 16 February 7.30am – 4.00pm

Sunday 16 February 5.30pm at the castle of ever after

Sculptures will be on display until Sunday 1 March.

People’s Choice Award

Get involved and have your say by collecting a golden coin to vote for your favourite sculpt! Simply cast your vote by placing the golden voting coins located at your favourite competition sand sculpture in their letterbox before Friday 28 February at 5:00pm.

The sculpt with the most votes receives the acclaimed 2020 People’s Choice Award on Saturday 29 February and will be announced on the official Sand Safari Arts Festival Facebook page.