Feature Shows at Kids Week 2019


DC Super Heroes In Training Show

In this exciting show, our audience are led by three of the original Justice League members, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash and hosted by Metropolis crime beat reporter, Lois Lane.

Through a series of Q&A’s, physical and mental activities, each of our Heroes will teach us what is means to be a Super Hero and some of the techniques they use to achieve this.

Daily - 2.00pm & 4.00pm | Meet & Greet Daily - 3.00pm


Radio Lollipop Dance Party

Have a lolliastic time with Radio Lollipop Gold Coast's Children's Charity.

Come dance, sing, laugh and party along with the Radio Lollipop volunteers where children can request a song and maybe even get a shout out LIVE on AIR, all while the children in hospital listen in and hear of all the fun happening at Surfers Paradise Kids Week!

Daily 1.00pm


Ditto's 3 Rules | Bravehearts Foundation

Ditto will run through his 3 rules, 'We all have the right to feel safe with people’, ‘It’s okay to say NO if you feel unsafe or unsure’,  'Nothing is so yucky that you can’t tell someone about it’ plus singing of the ‘Run and Tell’ song.

Daily - 2.30pm


Captain and Friends Live Show | Paradise Resort

Come out and join Captain, Cleo, Astro and Dusty on the main stage in our "Paradise Dance Party" show. Dance along with the crew and meet the characters after the show.

Daily 4.30pm


Supehero School | Ikin Dance 

Its Eva’s first day of Superhero training and she has to decide what kind of Superhero she wants to be. With the help of the School Captain and the Principal, Eva learns about the different types of heroes and how they fight crime. Then the villains find out there is a newbie to the school and try to sway her to come and cause havoc with them instead of stopping it.

Daily - 3.30pm


Surfers Paradise Mascot Showcase

Get ready to end your day at Surfers Paradise Kids Week with the Surfers Paradise Mascot Showcase, with free giveaways, photo opportunities and plenty of fun to be had!

Sat 28 Sep -  Sun 29th Sep -5.15pm

Mon 30th Sep - Fri 4th Oct - 5.00pm

  • Address: Surfers Paradise