Free Range Chicken Shack

Their story is all about the flavour.  Free Range Chicken Shack serve one universal popular dish seasoned and marinated in traditional spices & herbs.  A recipe passed down from mother to son.  The flavour is West African with a modern twist.  Their aim is to offer you a tantalizing, mouth-watering Afrocentric chicken.

You can choose roast, barbequed or fried chicken, seasoned and marinated in their secret spices and herbs.  The roast and barbequed chicken is served with their signature sauce while the fried chicken is pressure fried fresh for every order.

Free Range Chicken Shack's Wicked Hot Wings are a must to try too.  They come in five delicious flavours ranging from hot and spicy to sweet and sour, original, smokey barbeque and sweet chilli.

Free Range Chicken Shack welcome all chicken lovers to taste the difference and know this is not fast food but good food fast with good vibes.