Shiraz Authentic Persian Restaurant

Shiraz Authentic Persian Restaurant offers guests tradtitional Middle-Eastern cuisine, all of which is 100% Halal.

Iran is a country with a diverse geography and ethnic population. It sits at the centre of the former Kingdom of Persia, one of the world's oldest continuous major civilisations. Iran forms a bridge between the Middle East and the Far East in the centre of the ancient Silk Road, a major trading route which goes back tens of thousands of years.

Persian cuisine has influenced many world cuisines, and has absorbed elements from other cuisines as well. It's no surprise that Persian ingredients such as saffron, pomegranate and spinach have made their way into other cuisines! As ancient traders took their wares to the corners of the world, they traded goods, bringing back the eating habits and ingredients from Greece, Rome, Turkey, Russia and India. Today's Persian cuisine traces its roots to ancient Persian ingredients and recipes, and is enriched by the great tastes imported from the rest of the world!

Shiraz Authentic Persian Restaurant offers a wide selection of meal choices including a vegetarian menu and homemade desserts. The team at Shiraz guarantee there's something for everyone!

Dine-in and take away are available. Bookings are essential with groups of more than 10 people.

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